About the Artist

I have always been interested in art and, even as a young child, loved going to the art museums in London with my parents, as well as those in Europe when we were on vacation.

I think I must have inherited this interest in painting from my mother, who was very gifted, but unfortunately was never able to seriously pursue her talent. I am more or less a self-taught artist, and although I've worked with pastels and watercolor in the past, my medium of choice is oil.

My favorite subjects are landscapes, as well as seascapes. I have done some still-life, portraits, and animal studies, but always seem to come back to landscapes and seascapes.

I get hooked by light and water! I find these two elements irresistible, as they almost always provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, two components which are very important to me in my choice of subject matter. I also like to include people in my paintings when their presence conveys an essential part of the overall scene.

Almost all of my work has been accepted by jury into the all-media exhibitions at The Art League in Alexandria, VA. My paintings are from various States within the US, as well as the UK and Spain. I currently live on the East Coast of the US in Maryland, between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.